PACE Business Development Academy

The PACE Business Development Academy is different from any other consulting or training offer in the professional marketplace.  Why?

  1. PACE specialise in working with professional services firms
  2. We have over 20 years of practical experience
  3. This is the only programme to offer every element of business development from prospecting to pitching, from consultative selling to client management and from social media to fee handling
  4. Sessions are short and sharp appealing to busy professionals
  5. The style is that of a masterclass combining shared experiences and action learning
  6. The programme offers group and one to one coaching between each module
  7. It provides an opportunity to work with and learn from other leading professionals and exposes participants to the extensive PACE Alumni network
  8. The programme is totally results driven and focuses on real application
  9. It provides an opportunity to become the best of the best in ALL ASPECTS of business development
  10. Each programme and suite of modules is fully tailored to the delegates’ needs and circumstances

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Who should attend?

As each programme is unique and specifically designed the Academy appeals to partners, directors, fee earners and business development and marketing personnel. Read more here

The structure and style of the programmes

Over the last 20 plus years of working with professional services firms PACE have developed a unique way of delivering content and ensuring the implementation of any development initiative. This has culminated in The PACE Business Development Academy. The Academy is the only programme to cover every aspect of business development and client management and appeals to busy professionals, combining short, sharp masterclasses and one to one coaching with a real focus on application and generation of real results. Read more here

Academy programme topics

The topics for each module are outlined below. These would be tailored for each individual and group and are just starting points for each module. The style is one of sharing, discussion, debate and application. The delivery style is also tailored to the “make up of the group” and their experience and preferences. Read more here

Objectives, measurement and implementation

Objectives are set and agreed with each individual when they join the Academy and before the programme commences. Specific tasks and actions are agreed at each session with each individual and these are followed up and worked on during the coaching sessions between modules. All objectives, actions, outcomes, results, achievements and successes are captured in the individuals’ workbooks.

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The PACE Business Development Academy Alumni

After the programme the group is very likely to stay in contact and will benefit from both this network and the wider PACE Business Development Academy Alumni.

Delegates from all the programmes are invited to come together for an annual graduation event and the presentation of their certificates.
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  The investment includes:
  • Access to the full PACE team
  • A programme covering all aspects of business development and client management
  • Seven masterclasses and seven coaching sessions
  • Shared learning from other leading professionals
  • Associated reading materials
  • Your best becoming even better, imagine a 5-10% increase in their performance
  • Individuals being able to share with others within your firm
  • Certification
  • Membership of the PACE Business Development Academy network and Alumni
  • Accelerated profitable growth for your firm
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