Planning to Succeed

Very few firms manage their business development efforts as well as they manage their client work.  However it is these efforts – focused on defending and developing new and existing clients – that will have the greatest impact on their future success.  Business development should be managed as tightly as the most important project, matter or piece of client work.

PACE has developed market leading tools and processes designed to help clients to ‘project manage’ the limited business time and resource they have available so that they can accelerate their profitable growth.  We also have experience gained over many years that means we can advise clients on how to introduce and implement these processes as smoothly and successfully as possible.  The PACE Pipeline is used by many leading firms as a way of helping them to grow their client base.

The nature of our work varies according to each client. It includes:

•  Understanding and assessing current client development strategies
•  Designing the ‘perfect client base of the future’
•  Developing selection criteria for target clients
•  Creating business development plans
•  Identifying who should be involved in winning new clients
•  Establishing a ‘project management’ approach to business development
•  Managing the process of winning strategic pieces of business
•  Managing ‘bluebirds’ and new opportunities
•  Developing client protection strategies and plans
•  Developing cross-selling plans
•  Deciding which clients to ‘prune’ – and how

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