Selling Professional Services

Selling professional services is not like selling other products and services and few fee earners are (or want to be like) ‘salespeople’. However, in professional services as elsewhere, an individual’s confidence and skills in selling are critical to their success in winning work from new and existing clients. Our clients want their fee earners to be motivated to do more business development and to do it as well as possible.

PACE understands the professional services world as well as any other organisation and we use that understanding to make sure all of the work we do on developing key skills ‘fits’ and ‘works’. We develop the skills that will help each fee earner to use his or her own personality to best effect in winning work from a wide range of clients and contacts. The skills we focus on are fundamental to success and fit in an environment where winning profitable work depends on reputation, relationships, expertise, understanding, credibility, professionalism and delivering long term value.

We develop skills in all of the following areas:
1  The PACES™ approach to consultative selling
2  Making the most of every business development meeting
3  Personal impact and making the best first impression
4  Understanding clients – their world, their needs and their wants
5  Building credibility and trust
6  Building commitment and ‘courting’ new clients
7  Handling fee discussions and negotiating to win profitable work
8 Pitching to win 

The nature of our work varies according to each client. It includes:
•  Skills workshops
•  1:1 coaching
•  Just-in-time pitch support and coaching
•  Train the trainer
•  Developing sales leaders and sales coaches

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