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The Problems (and solutions) of cross-selling.
  We recently conducted some research amongst some clients and contacts regarding the barriers they faced around cross-selling. Whilst there are eight barriers in total around cross-selling, my research uncovered that these firms faced three main challenges: mutual trust (or lack of) in their colleagues’ capabilities, the feeling of losing control and the client’s image of the firm. But what can you do to overcome these barriers? Read more here

So why don’t you want my added value?

The second of three articles on adding value to client relationships

addedvalueMany professionals are either suspicious or cynical about the notion of providing added value to clients. Their views are not usually based on assumption or prejudice. They are based on experience. They have seen attempts at providing added value either rejected by clients or scooped up and taken for granted as part of the client’s ‘rightful entitlement’. Conversely every firm has clients who are raving fans. These clients not only think that the advice and service they receive are first class but they also testify to receiving other benefits that could be labelled ‘added value’. Read more here

Before adding value, first of all…

The first of three articles on adding value to client relationships

As consultants specialising in working with professional firms we have been asked on many occasions, “How do we deliver added value to our clients?” We learned long ago to resist the temptation to produce two sheets of A4 that provide examples of possible actions. The response is usually underwhelming. “I tried that once and……..”, “I don’t think that my clients would……”, “I was looking for something new and………..”. Read more here



Values, and in particular, company values can be in danger of being seen as another of those vague and rather self-indulgent whims of HR departments. Yet I see them as absolutely vital element of any company’s drive for success. Read more here

If ABS’s are the answer, what’s the question?

In his keynote speech at the English Law Society’s conference, Stephen Mayson, Professor of Strategy and Director of the Legal Services Institute, highlighted a number of issues around the introduction of Alternative Business Structures (ABS’s). England is obviously further forward than Scotland, but the issues are the same. He asked: “If ABS’s are the answer, what’s the question?” Read more here

The Chiropodist Story

  The Chiropodist StoryImagine visiting a chiropodist because the arch of your foot is causing pain.  You begin to explain the problem to the chiropodist who seems to listen for a short while and then begins to take his shoes off.  “I had that sort of problem once,” he says, “and then I got these shoes.  They’re really great.  Here try them on.  You can keep them.  I’ve got a couple more pairs exactly the same at home.” Read more here

The secrets to successful pitch coaching – Part 1

Professional service firms are not usually full of natural presenters. How comfortable, confident and effective are your people in pitch situations? In our experience most firms have a few fee earners who do enjoy pitching, they also have a small percentage of individuals who should never be put in front of clients at any cost (you know who they are!). The rest of the firm is then made up of people who have never really been shown how to pitch successfully, and many of these would rather not be part of any pitch – if they could avoid it they would! Read more here