Key Client Management

Client Engagement


The Key Client Plan states that:

“…all involved in the x instruction need to build and maintain close working relationships with their clients.  It is essential that an affinity and mutual respect is developed as this will make the day to day experience of working with one another more enjoyable, and in so doing encourage additional instructions.”

“Formal ‘contact templates’ should be prepared containing information and insights on all of the key influencers to use those insights to manage, defend and develop each of those relationships with responsibility allocated for each person” Read more here

The circle of success

Excelling in five key areas as a law firm will lead to success – as the success of the UK’s top law firm proves.  John Monks explains the route to a rewarding and profitable client base. Read more here

Top of the pile


As much as panel firms may have to work together, standing head and shoulders above the rest is the panel position of choice.  PACE advises how to treat your key clients. Read more here

Being seen in a new light

Some Local Authority ICT units tell us they sometimes struggle with other departments pigeon-holing them for offering a particular service. This can cause them to work reactively and not always to the full extent of their ability. Given the chance, they believe they could contribute greater solutions and be more proactive in the support they give colleagues. The challenge though is how to change the way those departments see them. Read more here

Masters of contentment

Keeping the customer satisfied is more than just a cliché to most surveyors, a recent study finds, but they must remember that competitors will seek to steal clients away with promises of better service. Kevin Walker reports. Read more here