Innovation Workshop

Programme leader: Tim Rusling – Lead PACE Consultant and thought leader in innovation. Author of the book ‘Systematic Innovation’ (first published 2013). Introduction: This stimulating and exciting two-day workshop delivers a unique set of essential skills that will enable individuals and groups to efficiently generate high volumes of ideas and concepts on demand, identify solutions to the toughest of problems and deliver real innovation.  Based upon 25 years of research and development in understanding individual and group thinking behaviours, the workshop promises to deliver a practical set of systematic thinking tools and processes with guaranteed results. Contents: Introduction and aims – setting the scene and creating an open and participative environment and managing expectations for the two days. Behavioural Science – developing an understanding of the individual and group behaviours that will help or hinder idea generation, the development of solutions and innovation.  During this session we will also identify psychological suppressants and explore ways to effectively overcome them. Systematic innovation process – an overview of the eight-stage innovation process and why each part of the process is so essential. Problem or design definition – methods and approaches to ensure that we have fully understood the problem and that we are dealing with it at source and using problem statements to stimulate fresh thinking.  In design terms, we will emphasise the importance of ensuring that we have a very clear focus for our thinking. Generic tools and processes – introducing a set of proven systematic thinking tools and processes that are easy to grasp and apply that will enable the generation of high volumes of ideas and concepts against an agreed focus. Advanced tools and processes – systematic tools and processes that are more specifically focussed on achieving particular outcomes.  For example, making efficient use of resources, simplifying systems by removing components but retaining the useful functions and solving difficult technical problems. Selection and prioritisation – methods by which we can make the ‘right’ selection and prioritisation decisions, this includes developing the best criteria to use that will lead us to the appropriate conclusions. Implementation – during this session we will explore the essential ingredients that will ensure that our selected ideas, concepts or solutions are successfully implemented.  We will also identify any potential barriers to implementation and what can be done to overcome them. Leadership and management of innovation – a discussion and exploration of the implications of leadership and management when it comes to encouraging and harnessing the undoubted benefits of creating a more innovative culture. Action planning – a closing session for participants to identify actions and changes in behaviours that they feel will have a positive impact going forward based upon their experiences of the two days. Application: The applications for the systematic approaches contained within the workshop are all encompassing and can touch absolutely any part of the business. This means that the workshop is suitable for all employees at any level of the organisation.  We often find it valuable to have a real mix of people with varying experience and seniority. Please note: If your organisation is facing particular challenges, we also run workshops specifically designed to resolve those challenges using our unique systematic tools and processes. In this regard, we have a 100% track record of success. Download your copy of the Innovation Workshop synopsis here PACE-Innovation Workshop