Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

At The PACE Partners we want to continually grow and develop our business to make a positive impact on the community and environment both locally and globally.  We take our corporate, social and environmental responsibilities seriously and have designed our policy and reviewed our day-to-day business activities to reflect our commitment to this.

Corporate Responsibility

Equal opportunities statement

We are an equal opportunities employer and make it our policy to offer equal treatment to employees and prospective employees, ensuring that all are treated fairly and with dignity and respect. We absolutely do not permit unlawful discrimination of any kind against any person, to include on the grounds of gender, race, nationality or ethnic origin, age, disability, religious beliefs, sexuality, marital status, working patterns or pregnancy. For further information on diversity within our business, view our diversity statement.

Health and Safety

We strive to ensure the health, safety and welfare of our employees and anyone else who may be affected by our operations. Partners, employees, associates and contractors are expected to take reasonable care for their own health and safety at work as well as those of others, and to co-operate with management to create a safe and healthy working environment.

Employee development and training

We believe that the knowledge and skills of our work force are a key element of organisational success and therefore PACE invest in on-going training and development. We ensure that this is accessible by everyone and recognised as a shared responsibility between individual team members and the organisation.

Social Responsibility

We encourage corporate and individual staff member involvement within the local and regional community. PACE also support charity events and local businesses through donations and close supplier relationships. Current and past activities have included:

  • Volunteering at a local greyhound sanctuary
  • Taking part in the ‘Wear it Pink’ breast cancer awareness campaign
  • Associates performing a mid-air ‘Sky dive’ to raise money for Cancer research
  • Using suppliers from the local area to purchase products that are locally produced to save on transport, create local jobs and encourage local business
  • Supporting the local police community through team members volunteering for the local constabulary

Community Education

PACE actively support and participate in the education of young people both locally and regionally. PACE are proud to have:

  • Teamed up with The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) Masters in Management MSc programme to offer postgraduates internships within the PACE organisation
  • Participated in coaching, mentoring and soft skills sessions with LSE students
  • Offered work experience placements to students from local schools and colleges, including pupils from a wide cross section of backgrounds and education

Environmental Responsibility

We want to grow a business that positively impacts on the world and makes it a more sustainable society. Therefore at the PACE Partners we have begun a journey on the path of becoming as environmentally friendly as we can.

We are continually examining every part of our supply chain to ensure we are purchasing from suppliers with the same ethos. We are doing everything within our resource to make our wastage as close to zero as possible and re-use every surplus item we produce.

“Business is the only mechanism on the planet today powerful enough to produce the changes necessary to reverse global degradation”
Paul Hawken –

This quote made us realise that if everyone does their bit then we can change and rectify some of the environmental damage already done, so that the future is greener and brighter for everyone. We feel our simple changes make a significant impact and aim to keep reviewing our way of working and develop our firms culture to ‘think green’.

Our actions so far include:

  • Ensuring the paper we use comes from a sustainable source
  • Recycling all paper, by re-using it, using the recycling facilities, or shredding documents allowing them to be recycled easily
  • Re-using paper that has only been printed on one side by creating notepads
  • Printing documents double sided
  • Re-designing our training programmes to use less paper
  • Designing a series of online seminars for clients to listen to in their own offices, saving on printed materials and travel
  • Making documents available to view electronically rather than on paper
  • Sending e-mail campaigns where appropriate rather than direct mail
  • Recycling printer cartridges
  • Enabling staff to work remotely to save long journeys into the office and emitting harmful C0² emissions while driving
  • Planning journeys well so the most direct route is taken saving on excessive C0² emissions
  • Ensuring that on most email communications we remind the receiver to only print the document if they really need to
  • Encouraging the use of public transport where ever possible
  • Promoting staff to car share where ever possible
  • Switching off appliances when they are not in use
  • Using energy saving light bulbs at PACE owned offices
  • Checking and comparing the energy consumption of electrical items su ch as photocopiers before we purchase them.