PACE Notes

Welcome to this edition of PACE Notes. As we begin a new year this edition shares thoughts and insights on those subjects our clients are talking about. There are lots of different opinions about what the future holds: one comment that seems to resonate with most is that the only certainty is that we are all operating in an environment that is perhaps more uncertain that it has ever been in the past!

When it comes to business development one thing we remain certain about is that those firms that have more of the right people, doing more of the right things, more often and better than their competitors will continue to prosper.

When should you make your move?

When should you make your move? When you have been trying to develop, or ‘court’, a new client for some time (building the relationship, getting to know the client, perhaps meeting a number of people, but not yet winning any work), how do you know when to start ‘selling’? If you move too quickly the client could see you as pushy with only one thing on your mind, which could destroy all of the positive feelings you have built up so far. If you move too slowly (or not at all) you may miss real opportunities, both for you and the client, and you could still be courting this client many years from now – to everyone’s frustration. Download your copy of When should you make your move? here

Win more work through innovation

Clients want solutions that deliver as many benefits or as much value as possible, typically for the lowest cost (as many of us might often incorrectly believe, although this is a separate issue). Our ability to develop ideal solutions that offer benefits/value over and above those which are currently available elsewhere, may hold the key to winning more work. Download your copy of Win more work through innovation here

Meetings – The ugly truth and what to do about it

Meetings seem to have become an embedded part of our business culture. The comments I frequently hear most certainly point to them being a huge drain on resources and often a significant barrier to people getting on with their day jobs. If meetings are necessary and we are to spend a significant proportion of our working lives attending them then perhaps considerably more emphasis should be placed upon making them more efficient, productive, satisfying and enjoyable. If you decide to improve your meetings we very much hope this article will provide you with some understanding of where your efforts may be best placed. Download your copy of Meetings – The ugly truth here

It’s all about collaboration – Part 1

We hear about the lack of collaboration in professional services firms a lot. Pretty much every day of the week we hear stories of a ‘silo mentality’ or a ‘protective’ approach to client relationships, which keeps colleagues as far away from clients as possible and a lid on (potential) growth. Firms talk a lot about the need to focus on broadening services to clients of a firm, and it’s all well-intentioned. But in the end, the old phrase “actions speak louder than words” holds true. There are exceptions. And the benefits those firms reap from well planned, action-based collaboration are eye-watering, both in absolute terms, but especially in relative terms when compared to firms who lack the will and/or skills to foster collaboration. Download your copy of It’s all about collaboration (Part 1) here

Bid-Pitching Healthcheck

Clients more than ever demand value from their professional advisers. They know there are no shortages of firms out there who are keen to win their business and will continue to apply challenging procurement processes to help them find the best providers. More than ever this means that firms have to work harder to make both their written submissions and pitches stand out from the competition. Why not take a few moments to complete our healthcheck designed to help identify the strengths in your approach and perhaps highlight areas for improvement that will help to further increase your win rate! Download your copy of the Bid-Pitching Healthcheck here