Winning New Clients

Successful firms recognise the importance of managing their current clients and have a real desire to win high value new clients. Winning high quality clients takes time.  All firms have limited time and resource available for business development. Firms work with PACE to ensure their business development efforts generate the best returns.  We help professionals develop:
  • The highest possible level of skills and confidence based on the PACES™ approach to consultative selling
  • A project management approach to business development based on the proven PACE Pipeline™ model
  • The most practical and focussed business development strategies
The nature of our work varies according to each client. It includes:
  • Understanding and assessing current client development strategies
  • Designing the ‘perfect client base of the future’
  • Developing selection criteria for target clients
  • Creating business development plans
  • Identifying who should be involved in winning new clients
  • Establishing a ‘project management’ approach to the process of business development
  • Training and developing individuals in the skills and behaviours of winning business
  • Coaching individuals to implement plans and win new work
  • Guiding people to lead, manage and measure business development activities
  • Coaching support and a helping hand with pitches, tenders, proposals and presentations
We help our clients to win more of the right work, from the right clients at the right fee!

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