Who should attend?

As each programme is unique and specifically designed the Academy appeals to partners, directors, fee earners and business development and marketing personnel.

Are you, or do you have people who are, the best of the best when it comes to business development; people who have been either formally trained (by PACE or others) or who are just naturally confident and competent in this field and want to become even better and learn from other professionals at the top of their game? This programme provides the opportunity to learn from other leading professionals, share experiences and focuses on real application and implementation.

Are you striving to become a partner or director, or have just been promoted to this role? Have you been identified as a high flyer and now need to demonstrate great results in business development?  It is an opportunity to learn from people specialising in business development, winning new clients, client management, cross-selling, networking and pitching an opportunity to learn from the best and from peers in similar firms and situations. This is a programme designed specifically to your needs with a focus on delivering real results.

Are you in Business Development or Marketing? Do you drive and help embed business development, client management or best practice pitching within your firm? The PACE Business Development Academy brings together our experience of working with hundreds of professional services firms to do exactly that. We help create a business development culture where ‘selling’ is not a dirty word. We help to provide robust but flexible structures and processes, and proven skills and techniques, to help you become internal trusted advisors and apply your knowledge and best practice in ways that the firm, partners and directors and fee earners buy into, implement and embrace. You will also learn what works well for other leaders in your field.

The PACE Business Development Academy is the place where anyone who wants to be excellent at Business Development within professional services firms goes.

Whatever your business development goal, whether you:

  • are the best of the best and want to get better;
  • have been identified as a high flyer;
  • want to make partner and need to demonstrate excellent business development performance;
  • have just been made partner or director and now need to really deliver results;
  • are leading others;
  • are supporting others to be great; or
  • are embedding processes, skills, mindsets and a business development culture into your business
the PACE Business Development Academy is the one place that covers every aspect of Business Development. It combines shared experiences from other leading professionals, a masterclass style and includes one to one coaching and results driven action learning!


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