The structure and style of the programmes

Over the last 20 plus years of working with professional services firms PACE have developed a unique way of delivering content and ensuring the implementation of any development initiative. This has culminated in The PACE Business Development Academy. The Academy is the only programme to cover every aspect of business development and client management and appeals to busy professionals, combining short, sharp masterclasses and one to one coaching with a real focus on application and generation of real results.

The key to the success is that every programme is tailored to the individuals’ and group’s needs and specific circumstances.

Before any programme we meet the participants in a “chemistry meeting”. The purpose of this is to understand their role, background, experience and what they are looking to take from the programme. It is also for us to explain the process, structure and commitment involved in making the programme a success and to answer any questions the participants might have.

After the chemistry meeting, assuming the individual is comfortable with the programme and we believe they are the right fit – including level of experience, motivation and commitment – we organise a telephone or face to face meeting where we bring all the participants together to again ensure everyone is happy with the rest of the group and agree objectives. After this the programme begins.

The programmes are a combination of seven short, sharp (no longer than three-hour) modules, relevant reading, preparation work, task application and the offer of one to one (one-hour) telephone coaching sessions between each module.

Number of people on a programme

We have kept group sizes small for our Academy programmes to ensure everyone gets the full benefit.

Group sizes will range from three to six. Alternatively there is the option for an individual, if they prefer, to go through the programme on a one to one basis.

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