You got me at “Hello”!

First impressions count and they can be managed too.shutterstock_140052109

When you get it ‘right’ at the start of a new business meeting a prospective client should be thinking and feeling:

  • Here are professionals who know what they are doing
  • I know the purpose of this meeting, where it’s going and when it will end
  • They have done their homework
  • They are structured
  • They are observant
  • They are able to listen
  • They are assertive but not aggressive
  • They are credible and capable and they are beginning to demonstrate compatibility
  • They have made a very positive initial impact
  • They are keen to understand me and my business (and have made no assumptions)
  • They feel that they have valuable services and expertise worth exploring
  • They are relaxed and interesting
  • I feel they are people I will enjoy being with and am likely to get on well with
  • I am highly motivated to engage with them and I see the value in helping them to understand our specific requirements, needs and wants!

Next time you meet a new client plan your introduction to tick all of the above boxes and grab the client at “hello”!

Get it right and you will have earned the right to ask insightful and productive questions and to begin a potentially valuable discussion – to both sides.

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