Say Less and Win More Business

silenceWhen they are writing proposals and preparing pitches I often observe a tendency in professionals to keep adding more and more to their documents and presentations. The rationale being the more they say, the more convincing their offer will be.

Yet the reality (from a client’s perspective) is very different.  If you have ever had to read through numerous proposals or sit and listen to back-to-back pitches you will be aware that your mind drifts as soon as the message goes beyond what’s relevant to you.

If you want your audience to listen to everything you say next time you deliver a proposal or pitch try following these simple steps when you are deciding what to include:

1       Restate the client’s requirements (needs and wants)

2       Describe (ONLY) the features of your firm’s offer that directly satisfies the
         requirement, need or want

3       Provide compelling evidence that you have done, and will do, what you say
         you can do

4       State the benefits and outcomes from a client’s perspective

5       Gain commitment that the client is 100% happy with what you have

Pause for a second and consider how a client will receive the above message:

1       They know you have clearly understood what they are looking for

2       They can see exactly what you will do to deliver on the their requirements

3       They have confidence and belief that you have done this before and can do
         it for them

4       They can see the value and benefits your solution will bring to them

5       They can see that you are absolutely committed to delivering what they
         need & want

When it comes to preparing proposals and pitches the message is simple:

LESS is more!