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Pitch CoachingFor nearly two decades PACE have worked with clients on major pitches, helping them to really understand what their client is looking for, select the right team, understand the competition and differentiate from them, decide key messages, structure the pitch, develop visual aids and prepare for the Q&A session. We have coached key individuals and teams and developed their skills and confidence in delivering powerful, professional, impactful winning pitches.

We have worked with many firms, helping them with their major pitches to a variety of their clients ranging across both the public and private sectors. Examples include pitches to central and local government departments, the MoD, The Environment Agency, water companies, the Olympic Development Agency, Crossrail, the NHS and a variety of large blue chip organisations.

At PACE we coach teams and individuals on design and delivery of pitches that will engage, resonate and appeal to the client. We help them stand out and WIN. We have helped clients improve their win rates and typically our clients win three out of four presentations that we have been involved in coaching them on.

Healthcheck Service

Do you want to evaluate your current pitching approach at your firm or simply want an opinion to help you refine the process?

Complete our online Pitch Coaching Healthcheck here.

It takes roughly 10 minutes to complete. A PACE consultant will then contact you to evaluate and recommend how you can improve your pitching process.

For more information on how PACE and our consultants can help you with pitch coaching, contact us.

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