Health checks

The Key client management healthcheck is designed to help professional services firms assess how they perform in 12 core aspects of key client management. In our experience, greater success in these aspects leads to greater protection of key client relationships and generates a more profitable and loyal client base.

What does it do?

The Managing Key Clients Healthcheck is a perception questionnaire that generates a detailed assessment of a firm’s approach to its key client relationships. This report enables those involved in client relationship management to gain a better understanding of the firm’s approaches in these fields by:

  • Giving a snapshot of current strengths and weaknesses
  • Identifying areas where support and development is needed to realise greater opportunities

How can it help?

Some firms use a number of their people to complete the questionnaire, in order to obtain a more holistic view of its overall performance in this area. As a result the Healthcheck is a valuable tool when used:

  • To determine the short and long-term strength of the client portfolio
  • To identify and support client protection strategies
  • Alongside fee-income reports – to understand how certain activities and approaches, result in particular income levels from existing clients
  • As part of a firm’s Personal Development Reviews/Appraisal Systems – to ensure support and development are given in the areas that need it most
  • As a guide for a firm’s marketing and business development plans – to focus investment on the areas that need it most

For more information about using our Managing Key Clients Healthcheck service, please contact Wendy Fountain on +44 (0)1932 260062 or email him at [email protected]

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