The PACE Partners believe and maintain that to build an outstanding, progressive and sound business, we will continue to recruit, review, reward and train our people with regard to their abilities and contributions and without reference to their background, gender, ethnic origin, age, religion, sexual orientation, political belief or any disability.

PACE embrace diversity by promoting and sustaining an open, fair and supportive working environment to enable our work force to make the most of their particular qualities and skills and to achieve their full potential in line with their abilities and ambition.

Our employment and staff member policies are designed to consider our values and expectations that deliver fairness and consistency of approach, while at the same time allowing people to be relaxed and comfortable within their working environment.

Diversity training

PACE is committed to providing diversity awareness training to all team members and partners. These sessions are optional and include clarification on why diversity is important, understanding differences in the way people work and interact, recognising preconceptions, foreign cultures, and avoiding discrimination. In addition, equal opportunities training is given to all those involved in recruiting.

Recruitment and Selection

As a leading consultancy within professional services, we understand our responsibility to ensure we promote and recruit by attracting candidates from diverse backgrounds and cultures. We ensure that through every stage of our recruitment and selection process that we consider candidates from less privileged backgrounds and ethnic minority groups.

Our recruitment and selection processes are designed to be free from bias and all those involved in recruiting are offered equal opportunities training. Only relevant criteria are used for selection which means candidates are selected for being appropriate for the role and that we ensure any tests used are free from bias or preconception.