Coaching Success Case Studies

PACE’s reputation in coaching has demonstrated a deep understanding of how our coaches invest in your time, get to know your business and position you to achieve. The following coaching case studies display examples of where PACE have been fundamental in helping improve performance both for the individual and their organisation:


Coaching Case Study 1:

Coachee: Senior Consultant in Global Consultancy.
Aim: To increase market share in specifically defined market through building reputation and approaching new clients.
Existing strengths: Deep technical expertise, confidence, strong reputation in the general marketplace.
Areas to develop: How to approach new clients, time management, selling to new clients.
Coaching interventions: Six two-hour sessions at monthly intervals.
Focus of coaching: Planning actions, reviewing actions, guidance on approach, skills input and practice.
Successes: Greatly increased reputation, meetings with key decision makers in majority of targets, work won from majority of targets met, now recognised as market leader in the specific market.

Coaching Case Study 2:

Coachee: Team Leader in Consulting firm.
Aim: To ensure the whole team contributes to business development in the most effective way.
Existing strengths: Great credibility, market knowledge and reputation, leadership skills.
Areas to develop: The process of business development, team and individual sales planning, sales leadership.
Coaching interventions: Six interventions at irregular intervals – at time of need.
Focus of coaching: Developing team and individual plans, planning leadership input into specific business development situations, review of progress.
Successes: Significant increase in overall activity, actions focused on individual strengths, change of new business strategy away from an approach that was unsuccessful towards one that has generated both opportunities and results, new clients.

Coaching Testimonial:

My PACE coach was fabulous. It gives me a very positive emotion just thinking about the coaching. [The PACE coach] was very positive, engaging and so very honest, right from the start. They met with my boss and was sensitive getting from her what she wanted from me in the role. My coach was tough but insightful and moved me forward more quickly then I could have imagined. They helped me get clear what it meant to be ‘head of’, what I should focus on and what to let go of. They re-framed what success looks like, helped me gain clarity on outcomes and then how I would achieve them. I was amazed at how quickly [the coach] got to the crux and we contracted up front on our goals and kept tight to that. What we covered in 6 sessions still lives with me a year on.

Management Coachee, National UK Consulting Firm


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