Ayşegül Cakir

Ayşegül Ç Aksu


Turkey: Istanbul


Ayşegül has worked with a variety of commercial services firms, from global giants through to local firms in professional services, international sales and marketing and the travel and leisure industry. This variety has given her invaluable experience not only in terms of the different challenges her clients face but also from the perspective of the fee earners and salespeople she has advised.

Before joining PACE, Ayşegül jointly operated a leading HR advisory firm, and this operation is now affiliated with PACE Partners International, Istanbul.

Current areas of interest

  • Business development practices 
  • Customer engagement, strategy and sustainability
  • Client loyalty  
  • Customer experiences management
  • Market development and cross-selling
  • Organic growing companies
  • Institutionalisation and work efficiency in municipalities
  • Startups
  • Creating brand destinations in tourism