13 ways to get lucky and generate new business leads without cold calling!

13 Ways Use online search tools and Google to notify you of new senior appointments in your target sectors. New senior executives are often open to new ideas and take the opportunity to review incumbent advisors. Check out your competitors’ websites and look at the ‘our clients’ section. A lot of information is out of date and some of the relationships may be responsive to a fresh approach. Ask your current clients for referrals. An easy thing to do but often a neglected and obvious opportunity. Ask your clients whether you can introduce valuable contacts to them too! Use LinkedIn. Ask your contacts to introduce you to people in their networks that may value your expertise. Be specific about which of their contacts you’d like to be introduced to. Ask other non-competing professionals to facilitate introductions to clients you would like to do business with. Be prepared for reciprocity. Design a valuable research project. Be prepared to share the valuable insight gained with participants and prospects. Join your competitors’ user groups or relevant sector related organisations. You may be surprised who lets you and the members lists you will have access to. Ask all your key providers to your firm for referrals. They will be keen to help. Want to get access to business information for a large listed target client? If you own a single share in an organisation, you will have access to information that will help shape your business development strategy. Build up a list of your referral network – i.e. those people whose own clients mirror yours – and make sure you have a plan to keep in contact. Attend seminars, conferences and networking events in chosen sectors. Run seminars, workshops and round table events.   13 Ways