Winning business in Towers Watson: growing your client base


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Welcome to Winning Business – Growing Your Client Base.  This workshop is designed to help all participants to use their limited time to best effect in defending, developing and winning clients for Towers Watson.  During the workshop we will focus on how to select target clients and relationships, how to approach these targets successfully and professionally and how to build strong relationships with new and existing clients.  We will also practise the key skills necessary to make the most of every business development opportunity.


Workshop Synopsis

Workshop SynopsisClick here to view

Workshop synopsis [48k doc]


In preparation for the workshop you will need to read the following documents.  They are designed to give you some of the necessary ‘theory’ on best practice in client development in Towers Watson – it will be vital for you to know this before you are asked to carry out a number of practice sessions on the workshop.


Click here to view: Business development meetings – an extract from chapter 4 of:

‘Growing your client base’ [197k pdf]


Click here to view: What is funnelling? [278k doc]


Preparation questions

Please also reflect on the questions in the following document and come to the workshop with your answers.  If you have any difficulty in answering the questions, or if you have any concerns with regard to their applicability to your role, please speak to Paul Denvir at PACE or Martin O’Neill at Towers Watson.

Click here to view: Key questions [46k doc]

Your workshop leader – Paul Denvir.

If you want to find out more about Paul please click here, if you have any questions or would like to contact Paul pleaseclick here.


Further information

If you have any questions or would like further information please contact Sarah Palmer at Towers Watson or Paul Denvir at PACE