Social networking use grows within professional services

Social networking use grows within professional services

Social media, which was once mainly the reserve of organisations in B2C industry sectors and those involving the younger generation, has now very much arrived in professional services. A large number of blogging sites, networking platforms and file sharing tools have become available and they have firmly embedded themselves in our regular internet experience.

Speaking after the publication of his latest article on how social networking is helping business development within professional services firms James Skeels, Marketer at The PACE Partners LLP said:

“Both fee-earners and marketers are really starting to embrace social networking, the larger firms have now involved these new channels accordingly who might have the budgets and resources available for large-scale integrated marketing campaigns. However there is large scope for organisations of every size to seize the opportunity and start using what is widely a free marketing resource”.

James Skeels latest article on ‘Can you grow your revenue using social media?’ has been published online at B2B Marketing Magazine and can be read here.

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