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PACE Research: 'Sales' Leadership in PSFs

PACE Research: ‘Sales’ Leadership in PSFs

Effective, focused and motivational leadership makes a huge difference to the success of most (if not all) of us. This is especially true in areas in which we are less confident and/or when we need to sustain high levels of enthusiasm and commitment during tough times. For many of us that description fits our business development, client management and ‘sales’ efforts today. Our success will be significantly affected by the level and quality of sales leadership we receive from people whose input we value and whom we trust to help us to succeed.

We are currently carrying out research into sales leadership in professional services firms. We are looking to identify the specific strengths and weaknesses of this extremely important activity and to report back on our findings to those who take part. This should provide insights and pointers on where to focus a firm’s energy for the greatest impact and will allow participants to learn from the experiences of their peers. We will also be providing each participant with an individual confidential analysis in which their situation – in 32 specific areas – will be benchmarked against their own sub-sector of the market and against the PSF market as a whole.

If you would like to take part in this research please complete the Healthcheck by clicking here and email your input to [email protected]. We will provide feedback to all participants once the research is complete, which is scheduled for February 2013.


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