Digital marketing use rises in professional services

PACE Thinking breaks into new marketsAs the global economy has remained unpredictable over the last 18 months many professional services firms have embraced digital marketing like never before. Firms in the sector have traditionally been seen as slow or uneasy with the use of channels like e-marketing, social networks and blogging. However that has started to change as organisations seek new ways to build relationships, court new business and be seen in their marketplace.

James Skeels of PACE says “professional services has been a little late in taking advantage of the digital marketing boom, but marketers are now finding useful ways to market their firm through these new methods. Relationship building can be done as easily online as it can in person, and is now certainly part of a comprehensive strategy to winning new business”.

James added “only five years ago the mindset in professional services was very traditional, and that has suited them in the past, but in 2010 onwards firms are having to be very commercially focused with more emphasis on return on investment.

PACE run the in-house programme Business development and client creation consultancy and strategic advice; which involves building relationships using a full mix of techniques. For a full list of PACE programmes click here.


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