Client Relationship Management


No one disagrees with the notion that excellent client management is important.  Good client management means that clients continue to give work and they include us in their thinking when new opportunities for work arise.  Also, the image of being recognised as a client-focused business is a positive one for us.

In practice, many businesses find excellent client management a challenge.  Often there is a desire to look after their clients better, to win a greater share of their work and to know that competitors would find it extremely difficult to win work from their clients.  From our experience, this desire is not backed up by the will and motivation to make key client management a reality.  Desire and will are not the same things.  With desire the imperative is missing.

Over the years we have helped many clients improve their retention and development of key client relationships. Such experience enables us to support clients through a variety of different ‘client relationship management’ services, including:

  • Tailored skills and process training/development programmes
  • Key client reviews and other research
  • Executive and group coaching
  • Consultancy – key client protection strategy and implementation support
  • Train the trainer programmes
  • Facilitation of board and strategy meetings

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