PACE survey: Business Development, Client Management and Sales Processes in Professional Services Firms

PACE Research Survey 2010Effective and practical business development processes help fee earners to make the best use of their (very) limited non-billable time and also help to ensure that all of a firm’s selling efforts are as productive as possible.

PACE have carried out a short research project to find out which processes are in place and how successfully they are being implemented. We have also been looking to understand the common barriers to successful implementation and to identify the keys to success. You can still participate and complete your own survey, which will allow you to compare your firm’s findings against those participants of the original exercise. We will then share the results of the research with all of those who take part.

What’s in it for you to participate?:


  • An opportunity to assess your firm’s performance against best practice Reassurance and evidence (hopefully!) to demonstrate where you are ‘ahead of the game’

  • An opportunity to identify areas where greater focus may generate quick wins and improved performance

  • An opportunity to benchmark against firms in your sector – and in other sectors of professional services

  • Information to guide (and secure) the appropriate investment in BD tools and processes

  • A guide to priority coaching needs

  • …..and a complimentary copy of one of our books – Creating New Clients, Managing Key Clients or Growing Your Client Base


To compare your firm with the results of the original findings, click here to proceed.

If you would like any more information, or to discuss this further before getting involved, please contact Paul Denvir or James Skeels on 01932 260062.


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