PACE Events programme launched for May and June

PACE Events programme launched for May and June

PACE have arranged three invaluable events over the next few months in our ever increasing programme of seminars.

From May PACE’s Darryn Hedges will be speaking in Coventry on the 12th – with an expert panel of professional services business development specialists advising law firms. As part of the Conscious 2011 Conference, Darryn will be giving his advice and talking through his experience of working both in-house within a law firm, and in his capacity advising them.

On the 17th, Darryn, together with industry experts Julie Harrison and Mark Jones will be hosting the ARC Group seminar on leadership through periods of change. Held in London, Darryn and his colleagues with be highlighting what opportunities can be made and how to define and develop the capabilities in businesses to deliver and manage this process.

PACE’s clientele are increasing becoming more international and so is the marketplace of our clients. In June, Paul Denvir will be taking us through his experience of working abroad with the seminar on Business Development in Different Cultures. Held in London on 9th June, Paul will cover how to approach and manage plans for winning and retaining business over a variety of cultures, countries and regions. More information can be found by clicking here.

Later this year, PACE will be announcing further additions to our seminar programme, including sessions on pitch coaching and a class on how to compete with an incumbent advisor within a prospect organisation you’d like to work with.


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