Leading Business Development

The best firms and the best teams develop the best leaders. Just as technical ability can be developed and fine tuned, so can leadership and management skills.

Leadership is not just the domain of CEOs, Senior Partners or Managing Partners; it is vital at all levels.

Firms come to us to help them develop leadership and management capabilities at all levels of their organisation.

Our expertise includes:

  • Assessing leadership capabilities and potential
  • Leadership assessment centres
  • Future leader programmes
  • Training and developing people’s leadership skills and behaviours
  • Leadership and management coaching
  • Leading business development and client relationship management initiatives
  • How to motivate and influence people and teams
  • Talent retention
  • Facilitating board and management meetings

Our thoughts and experiences on leadership in professional services are often called upon by the national and international business press and by leading professional services trade bodies.  To learn more click here. 

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