Creating New Clients – Special Offer

Marketing and selling professional services.

The must-have guide to marketing and promoting your organisation.

By: Kevin Walker, Paul Denvir and Dr Clifford Ferguson

Creating new clients

Accountants, lawyers, surveyors and engineers rarely enter their professions with a secret desire to become salespeople. Over time, however, they can become less involved in the technical aspects of their work and more involved in managing client relationships. Before long the professional has a responsibility for income generation and then, almost imperceptibly, for bringing in new clients. Nowadays, in many firms, if a person cannot bring in quality work from new clients his or her career prospects can be severely limited.

Creating New Clients has been written to help professionals generate more work for their organisations. Clearly and concisely, it outlines the skills required for maximum success in marketing and selling the professional services firm. The methods in this book have been proven to generate results.

Creating New Clients is offered to you at the special rate of £25.00 + postage and packaging. 

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