Coaching in Business Development and Client Management

PACE coaches work exclusively with bright, technically talented and successful people in the areas of business development, client management and leadership. With PACE’s eighteen years of business development expertise, few advisors have the experience and commercial awareness that PACE can offer to individuals in professional services firms.

Our Coaches

Our team are highly experienced coaches skilled in helping Directors and other fee-earners to generate maximum value for themselves, their firms and their clients. They differ widely in personality and style so clients have a real choice when deciding the coach best suited to them. For the last decade PACE have also offered Meyler Campbell accredited coaches and a number of our team are members of the Association of Coaching, confirming our coaching service as a hallmark of excellence.

PACE coachingWhat do PACE coaches achieve?

Real and sustained change of behaviour. Increased confidence and self awareness. Increased effectiveness in all elements of their roles. Better results for the individual and their organisation.

Coaching style

Pragmatic rather than purist. Coachee-centred. A mix of directive and collaborative input as appropriate.

Elements of a successful project

A clear understanding of the organisation’s strategy. A clearly defined project, including timescales, expected results and measurement. Self analysis by the coachee. A programme of 1:1 meetings with email and telephone support. A fixed and agreed end point. Complete confidentiality.

PACE coaches are committed to delivering results through a highly commercial and practical approach and have a genuine interest in their coachees’ goals. Our coaches are adaptable and have high levels of sensitivity and emotional intelligence. Our coaches have the credibility to challenge effectively and have a deep understanding of what works in consulting and advisory organisations.

The benefits to the individual

  • Time efficient
  • Allows ‘just in time’ input of ideas and skills
  • Focused on the individual’s key clients and targets
  • Allows openness and honesty
  • Builds motivation, confidence and discipline
  • Maximises personal achievement/ambition
  • Makes change happen

The benefits to the organisation

  • Ensures implementation and makes change happen
  • Maximises the return on all investment in BD and client management
  • Time efficient
  • Focused on specific actions, clients, targets
  • Embeds best practice and ‘forces’ action
  • Builds loyalty and motivation

Which types of professional benefit from PACE coaching?

  • Directors and senior fee-earners
  • Junior/high potential fee-earners
  • Leaders of firms/practice areas/business units
  • Business Development professionals

The fit with other PACE expertise

PACE consultants and associates have been providing coaching input in response to client demand for eighteen years. This demand generally derives from each client’s determination to ensure even higher levels of implementation of the best practice ideas, skills and ways of working introduced by PACE through workshops and other consultancy and training assignments. PACE coaching has been brought together to provide a focus for this expertise and to offer this expertise to clients and non-clients in a clear and easily understandable way. Members of our coaching team are committed to delivering improved results through a highly commercial and practical approach.

All coaches have a deep understanding of the PACE processes and methodologies used widely in leading professional services firms, including The PACE Pipeline, The PACE Key Client Management Model and The PACES Consultative Selling Framework. Coaching programmes can be delivered in conjunction with other PACE workshops or as stand-alone projects.

Expected outcomes from using PACE coaching

  • Real and sustained change of behaviour
  • Increased confidence and self awareness
  • Increased motivation and discipline
  • An improvement in the level, focus and quality of business development and leadership actions
  • High quality new clients
  • Better defended key clients
  • Optimum fee levels from existing clients
  • A higher proportion of fee-earners able to operate as excellent business developers

To discuss how coaching can improve your performance, professional goals and help increase your firms fee income, contact us. You can also find out more about PACE accredited coaches here or you can review our coaching case studies with existing clients.

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