Can you grow your revenue using social media?

    I often get asked how social media can make you and your firm money – or help you increase fee income. Social media can indeed help you to do this. But more importantly, it’s the routine yet often overlooked parts of a marketer’s everyday duties that can not only be carried out by using social media websites but can be done better, more cost effectively and more quickly by using them. Read more here

A client’s perspective

I am a prospective client of your firm and I thought I would get in touch. We are looking for a long-term business partner and yours looks like the type of firm we could get close to. Read more here

Building the future

In helping many law firms win and retain business over the last 10 years, practice areas such as litigation have told us they are finding it increasingly difficult to predict where their next instructions are coming from.  Changes such as the Woolf reforms are affecting the size of their market and the potential it offers. Some lawyers even contend that the nature of their work means they can only react to their market. We disagree. Read more here

When the going gets tough

Winning new clients is the name of the marketing game – but be sure you really want the ones you pursue and be sure you are right for them.  Dr Clifford J Ferguson of The PACE Partnership describes how to make these strategic decisions. Read more here

Differentiation – it’s only human

We all know we have to stand out from the crowd if we want to thrive, but how can a company differentiate itself positively? Clifford Ferguson of The PACE Partnership advises getting back to basics and stressing the human side. Read more here