How to kill an Associate (Not literally!)

Your firm spends thousands on building its reputation to attract the stars of the future.  You invest valuable resources in the ‘milk round’.  Your highly competent HR team invests time and money in the most rigorous selection process.  Your partners get involved to assess candidates to ensure that they will be both a great fit (and a high earner) for the firm.

Slowly but surely you entice and enthuse the very best candidates to join.
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How Marketing Can Support Sales

sales-marketing-tilesOne thing which is sometimes missing in professional services firms is clarity around how marketing and business development teams can work together to support each other.

What are the best ways for marketing and business development people to work together to make the most of the resources available?

Taking PACE’s Pipeline process as a starting point, it’s probably easiest to look at each of the five sections in turn and give some ideas as to how marketing can support the sales process. Read more here

Say Less and Win More Business

silenceWhen they are writing proposals and preparing pitches I often observe a tendency in professionals to keep adding more and more to their documents and presentations. The rationale being the more they say, the more convincing their offer will be.

Yet the reality (from a client’s perspective) is very different.  If you have ever had to read through numerous proposals or sit and listen to back-to-back pitches you will be aware that your mind drifts as soon as the message goes beyond what’s relevant to you. Read more here

Carrot or Stick

Carrot & Stick Making business development happen is key to the ongoing success of any professional services firm.  Implementation however by fee earners is often variable. So what type of management and leadership approach achieves the best results: the carrot or the stick? Read more here

Client Engagement


The Key Client Plan states that:

“…all involved in the x instruction need to build and maintain close working relationships with their clients.  It is essential that an affinity and mutual respect is developed as this will make the day to day experience of working with one another more enjoyable, and in so doing encourage additional instructions.”

“Formal ‘contact templates’ should be prepared containing information and insights on all of the key influencers to use those insights to manage, defend and develop each of those relationships with responsibility allocated for each person” Read more here