Growing Your Client Base

The step-by-step guide to business development in professional services.

The ideal tool for helping leading professionals to be successful in 2013 and beyond.

By: Paul Denvir and Kevin Walker

The most successful professional service firms recognise that effective business development practices are key to accelerating profitability fee income growth.

Many firms have invested in external advisers and initiated business development programmes.  Why is it that some firms have achieved significantly higher returns than others?

Paul Denvir and Kevin Walker specialise in working with professional services firms and their ideas, captured in their previous books Creating New Clients and Managing Key Clients, are successfully tested and implemented in major firms in all of the professions.

In Growing Your Client Base the authors bring their thinking up to date and deliver a ‘joined up’ A to Z of today’s best practice in professional services business development.  This step-by-step approach will help to deliver the highest returns from any firm’s, department or individuals investment in business development.

If you want to win more of the right work, from the right clients and the right fees, this is the book for you.

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