The PACE Alumni network is dedicated to the interests of clients and delegates who have been through PACE training, consultancy or coaching. It allows those to reconnect with the information that they were taught and to foster an ongoing relationship with other delegates that have attended our classes and workshops. The Alumni has also been founded to provide a network for a group of people who share a will, work culture and a desire to continue their professional development, whilst also staying in touch.

Articles & Surveys

Choose from a selection of articles written by PACE consultants below. Our publications offer practical techniques and thought leadership examples based on PACE experience and research with an assortment of clients and affiliated partners. Before adding value, first of all… As consultants specialising in working with professional firms we have been asked on many occasions, “How do we deliver added value to our clients?” We learned long ago to resist the temptation to produce two sheets of A4 that provide examples of possible actions. The response is usually underwhelming… More >> The Chiropodist Story Imagine visiting a chiropodist because the arch of your foot is causing pain. You begin to explain the problem to the chiropodist who seems to listen for a short while and then begins to take his shoes off. “I had that sort of problem once” he says… More >> Complete an online Pitch Coaching Healthcheck for your firm You can evaluate your current pitching approach at your firm or gain opinion to help you refine your own process by completing our online Healthcheck. It only takes a few minutes and you’ll receive invaluable feedback from one of our consultants. More details and to complete the Healthcheck >> You can visit our comprehensive bank of PACE written articles, by clicking here. You can also sign-up to our email alerts, where you can be informed of the latest articles when they are published in the press, click here to sign up.  

Links & Useful Resources

You can follow PACE on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Using these social networking tools, you can engage, learn and communicate. Click here to find out more and join our official social networking pages. You can also watch a range of PACE videos on YouTube. Click here to visit our YouTube profile.
Our goal is to provide ways for alumni to share information and remain connected to one another, both personally and professionally. Membership is free, and is open to any former delegate of PACE training or consultancy. For further information, and joining enquiries, please email James Skeels at [email protected]